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My identity in Christ

God’s masterpiece

Our idea of beauty is heavily influenced by social and cultural trends. Compare today's supermodels with the muses of baroque painters and you will see how fleeting and temporary the social definition of beauty is. God's standard is not fleeting, it is eternal - he sees you as his masterpiece, in whichever shape, size or colour.

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Daily a disciple, My identity in Christ

Our Father in Heaven?

One of the greatest discoveries a believer can make is the wonderful truth that God is our Father and we are his children. But we shouldn’t stop here. Understanding our identity as God’s children is no end in itself. It is the starting point of our relationship with the Father. And as every relationship works in two ways, this is the case also in our relationship with God. But what do we bring to that Father-child relationship? What does God, our Father, expect from us?