Against all hope

What is the purpose of having faith when we feel the wind blowing in our sails? When we see the sun shining on us, and we find goodness and blessings along our way, ready to be picked up and enjoyed? Can we actually speak of “faith” in these moments? Isn’t rather that faith when we “against all hope, in hope believe”?

Intimacy with God

Trust issues with God

Anyone having trust issues with God or living in fear of punishment and abandonment will also have a very poor relationship with Him. Read here to find out why that is and how to deepen your relationship with God.

Intimacy with God

Strength in the secret place

Quality time with God is one of the most challenged spiritual disciplines. For His children it should be the most natural thing to sit on His lap and chat with Him. Unfortunately for us, we are so tuned to be active, get things done, work our to-do list, that we have become incapable to unwind and be calm.

Intimacy with God

Soaring like eagles

If waiting upon the LORD renews our strength, then why on earth do we keep running ahead of Him? We cannot stand unanswered prayer for too long, and since we like being in control, we take matters into our own hands. Maybe we give it a religious labelling (“I’m stepping out in faith”); while really we are fed up with waiting on God and try to push Him to start moving.


Children of the Most High

Feeling challenged? I do. Only if we are kind to those who treat us unjustly, with contempt, take advantage of us, betray us, gossip and spread lies about us, will we truly reflect our dear Father in Heaven. Read more...